I will destroy everything in sight and burn it to the ground!
—Dreadeon, Unlocking the Gate

Dreadeon is Razenoid's Mechtogan and a Major Antagonist in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.



Dreadeon likes to lure his enemies into the sky where he can take advantage of his strong aerial prowess. With a jagged silhouette of triangles and spikes, Dreadeon is easily recognizable even in the thick of battle. When the blasters on Dreadeon's shoulders are fully activated for battle, his head shifts into optimum fighting position, eagerly anticipating his opponent's next move.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

In Mechtogan Mayhem, Razenoid spawned him just like Titanium Dragonoid had spawned Zenthon.

In Gundalia Under Fire, he was summoned by Razenoid to battle Zenthon. He managed to defeat Zenthon in the end.

In Unlocking the Gate, he fought Zenthon and lost.


Dreadeon was released in the second Wave of Mechtogan. The Darkus version has 180 Gs.


  • Dreadeon is the only Antogonist Mechtogan to be seen talking.
  • His name is Dreadeon, yet his activator says Dradeon.
  • Dreadeon is #07 in the series.
  • He is shown to have the exact opposite personality to Zenthon. While Zenthon speaks and acts like a Knight, Dreadon speaks and acts like a cruel Savage.
  • Dreadeon is the first Darkus Mechtogan to appear in the Anime.
  • Dreadeon has nine BakuNano port holes total.
  • He shares his voice actor Tony Rosato with fellow antagonist Dharak.



Bakugan Dimensions


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