Dreadeon is Razenoid's Mechtogan.


Dreadeon likes to lure his enemies into the sky where he can take advantage of his strong arial prowess. With a jagged silhouette of spikes and tangles, Dreadeon is easily recognizable, even in the thick of battle. When the blasters on Dreadeon's shoulders are fully activated for battle, his head shifts into optimum battle position, eagerly awaiting his opponent's next move.


In Mechtogan Mayhem, Razenoid spawned him just like Titanium Dragonoid had spawned Zenthon. It was later seen being tamed, but most of the battle was skipped.

He will reappear in Gundalia Under Fire where he fight against the Brawlers.

Sfx animation Dreadeon win

Dreadeon's Victory Scream on Bakugan Dimensions


Dreadeon was released in the second Wave of Mechtogan. A Darkus Dreadeon has 180 Gs.


  • Dreadeon is Number 07 in the series.
  • It's appearance is similar to AirKor.



Bakugan Dimensions


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