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Dragonoid Maximus is a new evolution of Dragonoid in Bakugan Battle Planet. It is a large toy, set to release in August of 2019.




Bakugan: Battle Planet

In the past, Dragonoid Maximus is battling against Tiko in Vestoria when the V Virus is infecting.

Physical Game

Dragonoid Maximus was revealed at the 2019 New York Toy Fair. Similarly to Dragonoid Destroyer, there is a base on the large toy that a Bakugan can be opened on. This will cause Maximus to transform into a large Dragonoid figure. Parts of the figure are poseable. With the figure will come an exclusive Titan Dragonoid toy, a character card for Titan Dragonoid, two Bakucores, and a special card designed around Maximus which the creators of the game say will have a powerful effect. This effect has yet to be revealed.

Ability Cards

  • Tail Crusher:
  • Twisting Inferno Maximus:
  • Dual Blazing Blocker:
  • Maximus Backdraft:
  • Impact Force:
  • Maximus Flare Fists:
  • Pillar Of Flame: