Dragonoid Luck was Chance Dragonoid's Special Ability on Bakugan Dimensions.


It is a Gate. There is good luck, bad luck and very bad luck. If you have good luck, your opponent is immobilized or slowed. If you have bad luck, all buffs and debuffs are dispelled. If you have very bad luck, your opponent is hasted, you are immobilized and slowed and this Gate is dispelled.

Special Ability For


This Gate chooses good luck, bad luck or very bad luck at random.

  • Good Luck- The opponent is Immobilized or Slowed.
  • Bad Luck- All Buffs and Debuffs are dispelled.
  • Very Bad Luck- The opponent gains Hasted, you gain Immobilzed and Slowed and this Gate is dispelled.


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