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Dr. Xeron is a villain in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance and the main Hurranian Pyrus brawler. His Guardian Bakugan is Bolcanon.



Dr. Xeron is the mad scientist of the Hurranian Empire. He is the creator of the Bakugan Replicators and once had an assistant named Eva. He is a Pyrus Brawler of the Hurranian Empire.


Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance[]

Dr. Xeron first appears when the Brawlers follow Asteria to the Hurranian hidden base in the Lake. Eva reveals that Xeron is the Hurranian's top scientist and Eva's ex-boss, as well as the creator of the Bakugan Replicator. To punish Eva for her betrayal of the Hurranian Empire, Xeron challenges them to a battle and orders Ceros and Asteria to leave him, saying that it was his battle. When he loses, however, he claims that his forces were at a more important battlefield. He then received a call from General Phobos, who told him that the Emperor Hurranos demanded the latest Replicator to him, and he immediately followed that order.

Later, inside the hidden Hurranian base, Dr. Xeron sent a message to the Hurranos, telling him that his six invasive armies were almost generated, and that they will be soon transported to Vestal. When he received the order, he left the base alongside Asteria and Typhoon.

He was later spotted in the Forest, with the Hurranian army behind him. He battled against Eva using the power of his mightiest Bakugan, Bolcanon, but was still defeated by his former assistant, shocked by the fact that his little weak ex-assistant defeated him. Xeron then received a transmission call from Phobos, who told him that the Emperor demanded his presence immediately, so he left with his army.

He and Phobos returned when the Brawlers infiltrated the Hurranian Mothership. He was willing to defend Hurranos at any cost, and engaged in a final battle against the Brawlers. After he was defeated, he apologized to Hurranos and escaped.

Dr. Xeron appears one last time in Emperor Hurranos' throne room. Hurranos orders him to take control of Eva, and he successfully turns her into Evil Eva. Xeron then ordered her to attack the humans, but because Eva's soul was stronger than her programming, she returned to her old self. Dr. Xeron was shocked by this, and escaped afterwards.