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Carta de la Perdicion

A frontal view of the Doom Card in the anime

The Doom Card (Japanese version: Death Card (デスカード, Desu Kādo?) is an evil Ability Card in Bakugan Battle Brawlers.



The Doom Card is a Special Ability Card, appearing in Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It was created by Naga for his servants. A Doom Card is set at the beginning of the Bakugan game; once it's set, it overpowers all cards, including Reviving cards, and any opponent's Bakugan will be sent to the Doom Dimension after being defeated.


Main article: Doom Card (Card)

The Doom Card is an actual Ability Card in the game. If you have a Doom Card, you can use it (except in Tournaments) and when you do, if you win the battle its used in your opponent's Bakugan goes out of the game permanently, until the game is over. It can effect the user as well. It also boosts your Darkus Bakugan's G-Power by 30Gs.


  • Of all the opponents the Brawlers faced who used Doom Cards, Shun is the only one who perfectly defeated Komba, without losing any of his Bakugan to the Doom Dimension in A Little Help from my Friends.

Relations with Mechanical Bakugan[]

The relation with Mechanical Bakugan is a mystery, as it is not known if when the Doom Card is activated, a Mechanical Bakugan is destroyed or sent to the Doom Dimension.

Video Game[]

Although the Doom Card is not a playable card, it made a cameo appearance right before you start the battle against Masquerade in the Maximum Power tournament. It's seen while Masquerade says "Hydranoid stand!".