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Dio Sivac's Curse (帝シヴァクの呪い!, Jio Shibaku no Noroi!?) is the 18th episode of BakuTech! Bakugan. It aired on August 4th, 2012.


Continuing with Zakuro's challenge against Harubaru Hinode, he cuts up a new field with no special settings or whatsoever unlike the previous brawl with Raichi.

Harubaru shoots and stands Rise Dragaon in one of the Gate Cards in the field. Zakuro dismissed Rise Dragaon as being a "Self-Evolving Bakugan" and shoots Dio Sivac. Zakuro commands the Evil Deity Savac to descend which knocked out Rise Dragaon violently off the Gate Card.

Zakuro captures a Gate Card and as Harubaru was preparing to shoot again, he notices that there was something wrong with Dragaon. Savac sank into Dragaon, causing the latter to slowly turn black. Harubaru is disturbed by this but nonetheless he still took his turn like usual, shooting Dragaon. It was then that the effect of Dio Sivac's curse is revealed. Harubaru was unable to shoot Dragaon properly for two consecutive turns and thereby causing Zakuro to easily gain Double Stand.

As Zakuro declares "Last One," Harubaru confides on Rise Dragaon whose now halfway infected with Dio Sivac's curse. Harubaru takes his turn confidently and shoots Rise Dragaon forward and taking out Savac's possession along the way. Rise Dragaon ricocheted around the Battlefield until it lands a strong Critical K.O. on Dio Sivac.

Zakuro called off the Brawl, saying that he already has his own Sechs Tavanel all that time. Taking his leave, Zakuro vowed that he will see Team Dragaon again in the Tavanel Cup. Harubaru confidently takes Zakuro's challenge, vowing to get much better the next time they meet.

Featured Brawls

Harubaru Hinode vs Zakuro

Harubaru stands Rise Dragaon

Zakuro shoots Dio Sivac and uses "Evil Deity Descend" to knock out Rise Dragaon

Savac possesses Rise Dragaon

Harubaru shoots Rise Dragaon but fails to stand

Zakuro stands Dio Sivac

Harubaru shoots Rise Dragaon but fails to stand again

Zakuro stands Bone Skuls

Zakuro Double Stands

Harubaru shoots Rise Dragaon and knocks out Dio Sivac

Zakuro surrenders on purpose

Winner: Harubaru

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Bakugan Bakutech episode 18

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