The Dimensional Transporter System (次元転送システム, Jigen tensou shisutemu?) was created by Michael Gehabich. It was created to transport anything from one place, and is capable of transporting that item to another Dimension. When it failed, the energy field's protons collapsed and then they transformed into energy bodies (under shapes of Metallic Cards), traveled to Multiple Dimensions and fell into many Planets, where their Alien races received the Bakugan. A portable version of this was created and is used by Masquerade/Alice.

The phenomenon happened, when Naga tried to take control of the Infinity Core and Silent Core. He failed and sent a lot of negative energy through the transporter, and when Michael and Alice were exposed, their second personalities known as Hal-G and Masquerade were born.

In Bakugan: New Vestroia, it was revealed that the transporter can find interdimensional energy that is transported with transportation systems on. Later on it failed again and Dr.Gehabich used Lync's Gauntlet to fix the machine, but only people with a Gauntlet can travel.


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