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Is a very inospite and rocky place in New Vestroia that is featured in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance.

Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance[]

When the pieces of the antenna of Eva's ship were shattered, they were divided into 5 different pieces irrigated through the Desert, unfortunately, when only one of the pieces of the antenna was missing, Typhoon appeared and challenged Dan to a battle, after the battle ended, Typhoon scaped, and Dan and Eva could retrieve tha last piece of the antenna and return to Eva's ship to communicate to any Brawler nearby.

After they returned, they found a rock obstacule that a normal Bakugan couldn't remove, so they needed a little more of Subterra power from a DNA fragment let by Ceros's Vertex, but the scientist who was capable of extracting the power from it lacked of a DNA extractor he left in the Shuttle Lab in Omnicron, so the Brawlers had to return for it. After they returned and eliminated the obstacule, they found out that it was a trap, Typhoon captured Marucho and use it like a bait, he challenged the Brawlers to a battle, but he definitely lose.

After Typhoon scaped, they catch up with Marucho, and tried to return to Eva's ship, but when they were on their way, Asteria appeared, and challenged them to a batttle, without hesistance, Marucho and Elfin accepted the challenge, and Asteria was defeated, after her scape, the Brawlers could finally return to Omnicron.

When the transmisor on Eva's ship was detecting a strange Bakugan behavior on the Desert, they went to investigate, just to find themselves with Phobos, the general of the Hurranian forces, the Brawlers demanded him to reveal were Ace was, he told them that they are never going to see him again, and the battle engaged, after Phobos was defeated, he revealed that the battle they had was only to test the new Ultimate Replicator one more time before sending them to Vestal, and after invading Vestal they will invade Earth, before the Brawlers could protestate, Phobos disappeared behind a Darkus wall, and the Brawlers had no choice than look for a Haos DNA fragment in Omnicron.

When they returned to the Desert, Nemus was able to remove the Darkus wall and could enter the cave were Phobos entered in hopes of finding Xeron, but they encountered Ceros instead, this time Ceros went with all he had, even using his mighty Vertexx, but still he wasn't able to stop them and the Emperor Hurranos ordered him to return to the Hurranian Mothership to decide his punishment, the Brawlers didn't know what to do know, but Eva reminded them that their tracking device was still on Typhoon's back, and could use it to track him all the way to the Hurranian Mothersip.