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Bakugan Card Darkus.

The original Darkus Attribute symbol

Bakugan New Darkus symbol

The new Darkus Attribute symbol in Bakugan Battle Planet

Darkus (Japanese Version: Darkon (ダークオン, Dākuon?)) is the Attribute (or Faction) of Darkness.

Exedra was the Legendary Soldier of Darkus, until he gave his attribute energy to Percival and then the Bakugan evolved to Knight Percival.

In Bakugan: Battle Planet series, the Darkus world is now named Darkavia.


Darkus Bakugan have a large variety of G-Powers and Ability Cards so there are many ways to use them. The strongest Bakugan of this Attribute is a Scaboid with 1300 Gs. The current Soldiers are Alpha Hydranoid, Knight Percival, Linehalt, Infinity Helios, Orbeum, and Skytruss.

Notable Anime Users

Battle Brawlers

Brawler Guardian Bakugan
Alice Gehabich/Masquerade (Presumed Deceased) Reaper (Only Masquerade) (Former)
HydranoidDual HydranoidAlpha Hydranoid
Exedra (As an Illusion) (Deceased)
Ryo Reaper (temporally)
Hal-G Fifth Paladin
Kenji Reaper (temporally)
Ace Grit PercivalKnight Percival
Shadow Prove (Presumed Deceased) Hades (Destroyed)
MAC Spider (Destroyed)
Ren Krawler Linehalt
Barodius/Mag Mel (Deceased) DharakPhantom DharakRazenoidEvolved Razenoid (Deceased)
Taylor Venoclaw
Anubias (Deceased) Horridian (Deceased)
Ben Horridian (Deceased)
Noah Horridian (Deceased)
Spectra Phantom Infinity Helios
Chris Clawsaurus
Wiseman (Deceased) Betadron, Mutabrid & Kodokor (Deceased)
Gunz Lazar Betadron, Mutabrid & Kodokor (Deceased)
Shun Kazami Skytruss and Orbeum
Marduk (Video Game Character) VladitorBattle Ax Vladitor

Video Games

Battle Planet/Armored Alliance/Geogan Rising

Brawler Guardian Bakugan
Lightning Howlkor
Geogan Montrapod
Magnus Black Nillious

Geogan Hyenix

CEE Mantonoid
Kurin Garganoid
Col. Armstrong Tripp Cloptor
Haavik Sabrus
Everett Ray Demorc

Geogan Sluggler

Color Scheme

In Bakugan Battle Brawlers Darkus Bakugan have a color scheme of a black body with purple trim.

In Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia they’re black with purple and sometimes yellow trim.

Darkus color scheme

Comparision between Darkus energy color from Season 1-2 and Season 3-4

There are also BakuFlip Darkus Bakugan that are mainly purple with black trim and mainly white with black trim.

The Gundalian Invaders color scheme of Darkus Bakugan is still mainly black, but with sickly green highlights instead of purple. Although purple is still seen on Darkus Bakugan.

Relation with Other Attributes

Bakugan Dimensions Fighting Styles

On Bakugan Dimensions, Darkus is unique because its gate cards are stackable; so if you play one on top of another, the first one will not be dispelled. Most of these gates also boost the power of Darkus attacks.


The symbol of the Darkus attribute is derived from the Han character for darkness, (yami).


  • Alice Gehabich, an unknown Darkus Brawler from Gundalian invaders, Taylor, and Chris are the only female characters that use this attribute.
  • Of all the characters that are mentioned in this list, only Spectra Phantom is dressed with a costume of a single color, black, when he appears in Interspace Under Siege from Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.
  • On Bakugan Dimensions, it can drain stats and ignore defenses.
  • Darkus Bakugan on Bakugan Dimensions don't have any fast attacks without stat advantages. (i.e., winning in agility)
  • The majority of the users with this attribute are villains from each season except Alice Gehabich, Ace Grit and Spectra Phantom (he was a Pyrus villain in New Vestroia but his redemption made him a protagonist).
  • 3/4 main antagonists use the Darkus attribute.
  • More than half of the Baku Sky Raiders that have appeared in the anime are Darkus-attributed.
  • Early episodes in the English dub, Marucho can be heard saying the Japanese name Darkon instead of Darkus.