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Crystal Blue is a psychic and agent of Gregorius Reed appeared in Bakugan: Geogan Rising. Her Guardian Bakugan is Nobillious and Maxotaur along with her Geogan Stardox.


Crystal is a tan skinned girl with baby blue eyes and deep purple hair tied in two little ponytails with turquoise decorations and a blue jewel on her forehead. she wears a blue sleeveless dress with purple and turquoise ruffles as well as dark blue tights and purple shoes underneath, she also wears a white cloak with a turqouise bow.


Crystal shown to have a calm voice. She claims to have sensed an extreme power coming from the new Bakugan and that seeing them battle would help her understand more about them.

She is actually a secret agent who works for Gregorius Reed.


Bakugan: Geogan Rising

She tracked down Ferascal and wanted to watch the Awesome Brawlers battle. (much to Dan's surprise.)




  • It remains unknown why Crystal works Gregorius.
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