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Crystal Blue is a psychic and agent of Gregorius Reed appeared in Bakugan: Geogan Rising. Her Guardian Bakugan is Apophix, Nobillious, and Maxotaur along with her Geogan Stardox.


Crystal has brown skin, baby blue eyes and deep purple hair with a slight blue tint to it that she ties into two ponytails with turquoise ribbons and a blue jewel on her forehead.

She wears a blue sleeveless dress with purple and turquoise ruffles as well as dark blue tights and purple Mary Jane shoes underneath, she also wears a pale blue sleeveless slitted cloak with a turquoise bow.


Crystal shown to have a calm voice. She claims to have sensed an extreme power coming from the new Bakugan and that seeing them battle would help her understand more about them.

She is actually a secret agent who works for Gregorius Reed.


Bakugan: Geogan Rising

She made her debut in Lightning and Ferascal, she tracked down Ferascal and wanted to watch the Awesome Brawlers battle. (much to Dan's surprise).

When Viloch became Ultimate Viloch Crystal began hearing the six Geogans in great pain.



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