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Crimson and Pearl Bakugan are a type of Special Treatment Bakugan exclusive to Target. They all have a red and white and some with dark metallic gray color scheme. They are treated as Pearl Bakugan.

Bakugan Included


In Wave 1, all Crimson and Pearls were Pyrus. These included Pyrus Strikeflier 800 Gs, Pyrus Avior 740 Gs and 770 Gs, Pyrus Dharak 770 Gs and 720 Gs, and Pyrus Helix Dragonoid 720 Gs and 740 Gs. In the Wave 3, they made in multiple attributes. These included Ventus Hawktor 850 Gs, Haos Contestir 800 Gs, Subterra Rubanoid 800 Gs, Subterra Helix Dragonoid 740 Gs and Pyrus Lythirus 800 Gs.


  • All Crimson and Pearl Bakugan, regardless of their printed attribute in the game, will appear as Pyrus in Bakugan Dimensions.
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