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Cosmic Ingram [コズミックイングラム] is a Bakugan and a variation of Ingram.



Cosmic Ingram has six wings, four of which have to be pulled out manually. It was never shown in the Anime. It is common in Starter Packs.

Physical Game

It was originally released in the BakuNeon set. It was re-released as a Baku-Legacy Bakugan in the first Gundalian Invaders set. The Baku-Legacy version in the BakuTriad has 700 Gs (Ventus and Pyrus). In the Six pack, Aquos Cosmic Ingram is 540 Gs and rarely 660 Gs. Ventus Cosmic Ingram has 560 Gs, 670 Gs, 550 Gs, or 490 Gs. A BakuBronze Darkus Cosmic Ingram can have 630 Gs.

In Japan, the Pyrus version in BST-11 comes with 500 Gs and 540 Gs. The Ventus version in BCV-06 comes with 260 Gs and 480 Gs.

Cosmic Ingram was planned be remade in Mechtanium Surge as a Baku Sky Raider with a small adjustment to the feet so it could jump, but it was never released.


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