Companion Ace

BBL2010 CompanionAce BA-LG02-AB-SM.PNG

Play during a battle if your Bakugan has the lowest printed G-Power. Your Bakugan gets +50 G-Power for each Power Level point.
Series: Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders
Type: Blue Ability Card
Power Level: 1
Attribute Bonuses:
Pyrus.svg Pyrus: N/A
Aquos.svg Aquos: N/A
Subterra.svg Subterra: N/A
Haos.svg Haos: N/A
Darkus.svg Darkus: N/A
Ventus.svg Ventus: N/A

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  • Companion Ace is a Blue Ability Card that is believed to have never been put in print. It was a voting choice at the Bakugan Battle League.
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