(Fifth Series)
(Fifth Series)
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*[[Braxion]]: Braxion and [[Bolcanon]] (Ventus)
*[[Braxion]]: Braxion and [[Bolcanon]] (Ventus)
*[[Deezall]]: Deezall and [[Taylean]] (Subterra)
*[[Deezall]]: Deezall and [[Taylean]] (Subterra)
*[[Dreadeon]]: Dreadeon and Razenoid (Darkus)
*[[Dreadeon]]: Dreadeon and [[Razenoid]] (Darkus)
*[[Silent Strike]]:
*[[Silent Strike]]:

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Combat Sets are a Target Exclusive series of Bakugan and Traps or Battle Gear that corresponds to a specific character. For example Dan's first Combat Set includes Neo Dragonoid and Scorpion. Most of them come in 2 different Attributes. Some of the Gundalian Invaders Compat packs have the wrong Reference Card to their Battle Gear.

First Series

The first series released includes:

Second Series

Second Series Japanese

  • Bakugan CS-001 = Spectra:Pyrus Helios MK2 (Bakugan Battle Gear compatable) and Silver Twin Destructor (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-002 = Fabia:Haos Aranaut and Copper Battle Crusher (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-003 = Shun:Ventus Hawktor and Gold Swayther (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-004 = Jake:Subterra Coredem and Silver Rock Hammer (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-005 = Dan:Pyrus Helix Dragonoid and Silver Jetkor (Battle Gear
  • Bakugan CS-006 = Marucho:Aquos Akwimos and Gold Gigarth (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-007 = Ren:Darkus Linehalt and Copper Boomix (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-008 = Lena:Aquos Phosphos and Silver Terrorcrest (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-009 = Sid:Pyrus Rubanoid and Gold Destrakon Gear (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-010 = Barodius:Darkus Dharak and Gold Airkor (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-011 = Zenet:Haos Contestir and Copper Spartablaster (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-012 = Jesse:Ventus Plitheon and Gold Vilantor Gear (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-013 = Mason:Subterra Avior and Gold Lashor (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-014 = Kazarina:Haos Lumagrowl and Gold Barias Gear (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-015 = Gill:Pyrus Krakix and Copper Vicer (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-016 = Airzel:Ventus Strikeflier and Copper Battle Turbine (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-017 = Stoica:Aquos Lythirus and Silver Razoid (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-018 = Dan:Pyrus Lumino Dragonoid and Gold Explosix Gear (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-019 = Nurzak:Subterra Sabator and Silver Chompixx (Battle Gear)

Third Series

A third set for Gundalian Invaders was released and it includes:

Fourth Series

Fifth Series


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