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Combat Sets are a Target-Exclusive series of Bakugan and Traps or Battle Gear that correspond to a specific character in the Bakugan anime. For example, Dan's first Combat Set includes Neo Dragonoid and Scorpion. Most of them come in two different Attributes. Some of the Gundalian Invaders Combat Sets have the wrong Reference Card to their Battle Gear.

First Series[]

Second Series[]

Second Series Japanese[]

  • Bakugan CS-001 = Spectra:Pyrus Helios MK2 (Bakugan Battle Gear compatible) and Silver Twin Destructor (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-002 = Fabia:Haos Aranaut and Copper Battle Crusher (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-003 = Shun:Ventus Hawktor and Gold Swayther (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-004 = Jake:Subterra Coredem and Silver Rock Hammer (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-005 = Dan:Pyrus Helix Dragonoid and Silver Jetkor (Battle Gear
  • Bakugan CS-006 = Marucho:Aquos Akwimos and Gold Gigarth (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-007 = Ren:Darkus Linehalt and Copper Boomix (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-008 = Lena:Aquos Phosphos and Silver Terrorcrest (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-009 = Sid:Pyrus Rubanoid and Gold Destrakon Gear (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-010 = Barodius:Darkus Dharak and Gold Airkor (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-011 = Zenet:Haos Contestir and Copper Spartablaster (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-012 = Jesse:Ventus Plitheon and Gold Vilantor Gear (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-013 = Mason:Subterra Avior and Gold Lashor (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-014 = Kazarina:Haos Lumagrowl and Gold Barias Gear (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-015 = Gill:Pyrus Krakix and Copper Vicer (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-016 = Airzel:Ventus Strikeflier and Copper Battle Turbine (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-017 = Stoica:Aquos Lythirus and Silver Razoid (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-018 = Dan:Pyrus Lumino Dragonoid and Gold Explosix Gear (Battle Gear)
  • Bakugan CS-019 = Nurzak:Subterra Sabator and Silver Chompixx (Battle Gear)

Third Series[]

Fourth Series[]

Fifth Series[]