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Cobrakus is a cobra-like Bakugan.



Cobrakus is a fierce fighter with a machine gun torso. Its snake-type body is made of heavy-duty metal that can withstand multiple blows. Cobrakus is a vibrating Super Assault Bakugan that weakens its opponent by fiercely shaking it and then eliminating it with a poisonous bite.

Physical Game[]

It is a BakuTremor Super Assault Bakugan. In ball form, Cobrakus opens similar to Pyro Dragonoid, but without wings. It has two feet on the bottom, and a pattern similar to Rattleoid.

It appeared at the World Toyfair 2010.

The Pyrus version has 800 Gs, the Subterra version has 800 Gs, the Haos version has 780 Gs, the Aquos version has 770 Gs, and the Darkus version has 790 Gs.