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Clawsaurus (クローサウルス, Kurosaurusu?) is a scorpion-like Bakugan. It is a Super Assault Bakugan from the BakuVice series.


Clawsaurus is a Super Assault Bakugan with a mighty vice-like claw. The tongue has pinchers on its tip and can extend to grab opponents. A spider-like creature, it is susceptible to aerial attacks, but can retaliate with its long tail. Stands firmly on its back legs to battle some of the tallest Bakugan. Grabs the opponent with its big tusk and throws it from side to side. Attacks opponents with his legs like a sharp-pointed spear.


Bakugan: New Vestroia[]

Clawsaurus made his first appearance as a Subterra digital clone in Final Fury. He was defeated by Dan, Shun, Ace, and Baron.

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

A Pyrus one appeared in Confrontation being used by Mason Brown and was defeated by a Subterra Snapzoid.

One of the hypnotized girls from Bakugan Interspace had a Clawsaurus in Twin Attack. She used it to teleport two boys to Barodius' army with another girl.

A Haos one appeared in The Sacred Orb under the command of the Order of the Castle Knights beating punched and beaten by Sabator.

A Subterra one was seen briefly in Sid Returns, before Raytheus took it out.

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[]

In Behind the Mask, a Darkus Clawsaurus became the new guardian of Chris and was used to battle the Chaos Bakugan for Taylean and Shun.

Abilitiy Cards[]

  • Land Sonic: (Darkus)

Physical Game[]

It was originally only available only in a "Game Pack" (A new version of a Battle Pack), but has also been found in the Super Assault packs. On the package it appears to be a spider, but it is a scorpion, slightly similar to Lumitroid.

The Pyrus version has 780 Gs. The Darkus version has 730 Gs or 790 Gs. The Aquos version has 730 Gs. The Haos version has 740 Gs. The Subterra version has 750 Gs. The Ventus version has 750 Gs.

Attribute G-Power(s)
Pyrus Pyrus: 780 Gs
Aquos Aquos: 730 Gs
Subterra Subterra: 750 Gs
Haos Haos: 740 Gs
Darkus Darkus: 730 Gs, 790 Gs
Ventus Ventus: 750 Gs
Clear PhantomDharak Closed Clear: N/A