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The bond between you two is a powerful one, and should be envied
—Chromopod about Gunz and Reptak, End of The Line

Chromopod (クロモポッド?) is an unreleased Mechtogan in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It belongs to Gunz Lazar and Reptak in the second arc.




It makes its debut in Beginning of the End, being created for Gunz and Reptak out of Dragonoid Destroyer's final ten percent. He saved Gunz and Reptak just in time from an attack by Mechtavius Destroyer.

Ventus and Darkus Chromopods appeared in End of the Line.


Chromopod is a retool of Coredegon used to create Quatrogan.

Chromopod is tentatively #23 in the Mechtogan series. 

An Aquos Chromopod has 180 Gs and a Pyrus Chromopod has 200 Gs


  • In anime, the design of Chromopod head strikingly similar with GN-X series unit from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 with exception of it eyes.
  • Despite this Mechtogan being unreleased, Aquos and Pyrus versions were discovered, suggesting it was possibly intended to be released at some point before Bakugan was discontinued.
    • Due to this unreleased status, he is the only Mechtogan that is anime-exclusive.

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