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A Character Card is designed for one specific species of Bakugan, which can be a Gate Card or Ability Card. There were as many Character Cards as there are Bakugan, or even more.

Series 1[]

Much like a Normal Card, a Character Card consists of six G-Power Boosts and an HSP score. These cards differ in that a Character Card will bear that Bakugan's image and double its Gate Card Bonus when it stands on it. Standing a Bakugan on its character card dramatically increases the chances of winning that Battle. In the gameplay after Series 1, Character Cards have been replaced by Gold Cards which have similar effects.[1]

Example cards (series 1)
# Name Type HSP Pyrus Aquos Haos Darkus Subterra Ventus Text Serial
Normal #1 Normal 350 0 50 100 -50 -50 50 BA100-NO-SM
Example Bakugan (Dragonoid) Character 200 300 200 300 0 0 300 All Dragonoids in this sector get double their base HSP value. BA011-CC-SM
Anastasis Ability 100 The Bakugan that opened last in this battle can claim one of their fallen Bakugan back from each other player. If there is no battle, the player that claims this card can do the same. BA001-SP-SM


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