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Chance Dragonoid is a Super Assault Bakugan.



Chance Dragonoid is a dice throwing Super Assault Bakugan. Has four wings, which lit the massive body into the sky. Creates a mighty wind gust with one strong flap of the wings. Four powerful claws make battling two opponents at the same time easy. Sharp thorns on the back protect the body from blind side attacks.

Physical Game

It is a dice thrower, but operates differently than Mystic Elico. It comes with a G-Power Die that has a minimum G-Power of 300 Gs and a maximum G-Power of 860 Gs. After being rolled, the die will remain in its mouth until the head is flicked up to release the die. It looks somewhat similar to Hyper Dragonoid. The die is different from that of Mystic Elico. Chance Dragonoid is the only Bakugan that you can see the G-Power while the Bakugan is closed. The most powerful one is a Darkus Chance Dragonoid is 860 Gs/700 Gs/700 Gs/500 Gs/500 Gs/400 Gs.

In ball form, Chance Dragonoid has a large mouth that contains the small clear die. It has bent horns that come over the head.


A strategy with this Bakugan is to also have a Quake Dragonoid so that even if you roll a low G-Power, you have the power to get a 900 Gs+ Bakugan the next turn.

  • This has not been confirmed to fit the rules. Since Chance Dragonoid's G-Power is undefined until the dice is rolled, it is likely that he cannot become Quake Dragonoid.
  • Fortunately, even if he can't become Quake Dragonoid (1/3 chance) he is still formidable and using Gate Cards like Overhang and Tricky Gate, in which the Bakugan with the lowest Gs wins, can get you the victory.


  • A Clear Chance Dragonoid was given in-game to the winner of the very first Bakugan Dimensions tournament.
  • It and Quake Dragonoid's picture of the Bakugan's Bakugan form are swapped on their packaging.
  • It is the only Wave 1 Bakugan not featured on any abilities on Bakugan Dimensions except its own.
  • On the prototype picture of Chance Dragonoid, the DNA Code is on its wing, but it is actually below the head.
  • It was originally believed that Chance Dragonoid might be an evolution of Drago in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders.
  • It is the first Dragonoid to be a dice thrower.