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Ceros is an antagonist in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance and he is a Subterra Hurranian brawler. He was later punished by his emperor.


Ceros is a cyborg, and one of General Phobos's three warriors.

Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance

When Dan was exploring the Forest, he intercepted him, telling Dan to hand over his Bakugan. When Dan refused, Ceros was forced to fight for it. After he lost the battle, he was forced to retreat, but not before damaging Drago's body with the power of his Vertexx.

Later, in a hidden Hurranian base, he was being scolded by Asteria because that he couldn't retrieve the traitor android, and after giving his excuse, Asteria sent Typhoon to take care of it.

But still, Ceros, still wanting to accomplish his mission, intercepted Dan and Eva while they were on their way to the forest. He attacked Dan and Drago with the new Bakugan, but Drago still managed to defeat them. After his lost, he escaped once again.

When the Brawlers were returning to Omicron with Marucho in hopes of repairing a strange machine, Ceros got in their way after destroying the Lab's power source. He challenged Mira and Wilda to a battle, but he was defeated and forced to escape.

He was later seen complaining to General Phobos in their hidden base on the Lake, saying that they needed stronger Replicators, to which Typhoon agreed.

He reappeared alongside Asteria on the Lake. When the Brawlers encountered the Hurranian top scientist Dr. Xeron, he ordered Ceros to leave because he wanted to battle the Brawlers personally.

Ceros was inside the cave that was blocked by Phobos' Darkus wall in the Desert. He said that they were just in time to bow to the Hurranian Empire, and engaged in a final battle using his powerful Vertexx. Ceros lost the battle, and he apologized to Emperor Hurranos. But Hurranos dragged him to the Hurranian Mothership to decide his on punishment, despite Ceros' plea for mercy.



  • He is the first enemy you meet in game.
  • He is also the first antagonist to be eliminated from the game as well.
  • Ceros means two or more kinds or species.
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