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Elright (エルライト, Eruraito?) is the Neathian captain of the Castle Knights. He was captured and tortured by the Gundalians to reveal the location of the Element, Neo Ziperator, and Linus Claude.


Captain Elright, later promoted to Commander, is the leader of the Neathian Castle Knights. He is a Haos battler and his Guardian Bakugan is Haos Raptorix. He inducts the Brawlers and Princess Fabia into the Castle Knights.


He shown his loyalty to Queen Serena (later Ambassador) and Princess Fabia (later Queen). He and Linus get along well. He also has developed a rivalry with his Gundalian counterpart, Airzel.



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

He was first shown leading troops to hold back the Gundalian forces, but when the first shield was destroyed he sent Linus to Earth to find Princess Fabia. Elright was then captured and interrogated by the Gundalians to reveal his location.[1]

He is able to escape from the Gundalians and returned to Neathia to battle alongside the Battle Brawlers. Also, his Guardian Bakugan is revealed to be a Haos Raptorix, meaning that he is a Haos brawler. In the end, he appoints the Battle Brawlers, as well as Fabia, to the Castle Knights.[2]

He reappears, showing the Brawlers who the Twelve Orders are and the current situation for Neathia without the second shield. He and Marucho devise a decoy plan to distract Airzel, Kazarina, and Stoica, who are closing in, while Dan, Shun, and Fabia sneak behind and reactivate the second shield. He is shown battling alongside the other Castle Knights while Marucho and Jake battle Airzel and Mason.[3]

He appears to have been promoted from Captain to Commander, because Queen Serena and other Castle Knights were calling him Commander Elright.[4]

He appears battling alongside Linus Claude and the other Castle Knights against Lena, Jesse, Zenet, and the other Gundalian Bakugan.[5]

Once they break free from their Hypnosis they all join the battle against Barodius and Phantom Dharak although they all get beaten easily. [6]

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[]

Elright returns with Aranaut and the Castle Knights in order to help out Gundalia against Mag Mel and his Chaos Bakugan.[7] Since more Chaos Bakugan arrived[8], he fought them along the Gundalians with Aranaut. He later watches as the Chaos Army vanishes.[9]

He makes his final appearance, bidding farewell to the brawlers.[10]



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[]

  • Haos Aranaut (Guardian Bakugan - given to by Queen Fabia)
  • Haos Rapilator (Mobile Assault Vehicle)


  • Elright and Queen Serena are the only main Neathians who have not been shown in a human form, not counting the deceased Jin.
  • Elright was the only major character in Gundalian Invaders to have a Generic Bakugan rather than a one-of-a-kind one like all other major characters.



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

Bakugan Gundalian Invaders
Opponent Outcome
Twelve Orders and Gundalian Agents (Tag with the Castle Knights) Lose
Gill, Airzel, Kazarina and Brainwashed Brawlers (Tag with the Castle Knights) Lose
Gill No Outcome
Brainwashed Brawlers and Gundalian Soldiers (Tag with the Castle knights) No outcome
Jesse Glenn, Lena Isis, Zenet Surrow and Gundalian Soldiers (Tag with the Castle Knights and Linus) Lose
Gundalian Soldiers (Tag with Linus and the Castle Knights) No outcome
Barodius, Stoica, Airzel and multiple Gundalian Soldiers (Tag with the Battle Brawlers, the Gundalian Agents (except Sid) the Castle Knights and Nurzak) Lose

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[]

Bakugan Mechtanium Surge
Mag Mel (Tag with the Castle Knights) No outcome
Chaos Bakugan Army (Tag with the Castle Knights, Gundalian Soldiers, and Ren) Win