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Bully for You is the first segment of the third episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It first aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on December 26, 2018.



The AO must handle a neighborhood bully who is using his Bakugan to pick on the local kids.


An overweight boy named Marco Chezanello and his mighty Bakugan Cyndeous have defeated the Rowdy Reds in a battle. While Cyndeous slams his sword, Marco declares that he now owns the park.

In the studio of the AO, Dan proclaims that he is "awesome" because of him saving the burger joint and having lectured kids about following the rules. Dan's boasting, that he is number one of the AO annoys Lia and Wynton. Maggie and Mac ask them for help because Marco and his partner Cyndeous have occupied the park, kicked them out, and injured their Bakugan. Lia says that Marco is the biggest bully of the town. Maggie and Mac ask Dan for help, Lia and Wynton want Dan to do so, because he said himself to be “the hero”.

The Awesome Ones enter the park Marco occupied to see that Max has "gone to the dark side” by siding with Marco, while the other Rowdy Reds are wondering why. Marco tells the Awesome Ones and the remaining Rowdy Reds to obey him and if they don't do so, Cyndeous will attack them. Cyndeous is openly reluctant to perform such cruel deeds on behalf of his partner and asks him why he is threatening them. Dan doesn't want to bow to Marco and challenges him to a battle to get the park back. Before Drago transforms from his ball to his Bakugan form, Cyndeous swings his sword and sends a gust which knocks Drago back. While Dan runs to find him, Lia and Wynton are entering the battle, determined to not fall for Marco’s tricks.

Dan looks for Marco, while Drago is stuck in a bird's nest. When Trox and Gorthion are trying to attack Cyndeous they end up falling in a trap. Marco asks a reluctant Cyndeous to use Sword Barrage, Marco reprimands Cyndeous to obey his orders as he is his partner and bound to obey him. Cyndeous grunts and chooses to attack as he is forced to. Gorthion and Trox are injured with Marco once again commanding Cyndeous to attack Lia and Wynton. Max is horrified that Marco is doing such horrible things. Once again, Cyndeous doesn't want to attack, as he doesn't want to do it and also because it is an unfair battle. Marco shouts again at him and Cyndeous can’t handle it, with him sending flames into the sky which crash down near Lia, Wynton, Mac, and Maggie. Mac and Maggie are going to get hit by a flame when Drago returns with Dan and saves them.

Infuriated, Cyndeous continues to attack Drago. Max is mad at Marco as he haven't thanked Drago for saving him. Gorthion and Trox return after they got away from the pit. Drago attacks Cyndeous, who just wants to use his shield with Marco being angry and wanting Cyndeous to continue fighting. Cyndeous refuses to fight anymore as it is unfair. Dan notices that Marco is acting similar to himself earlier, when Dan proclaimed himself to be superior and wanted total loyalty. Dan asks Drago to end the battle, later apologizing to Wynton and Lia for what he said earlier in their studio, with Max also apologizes for taking Marco's side.

Cyndeous says to Marco that he thinks that Dan and Drago are right, which makes Marco leave angrily, saying that Cyndeous is no longer his partner. Cyndeous says to Dan that he expressed how he feels and asks him whether he can be his partner, with Dan agreeing and welcoming Cyndeous as one of his partners.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

Image Name Time Note
Marco Chezanello debut
Dan Kouzo
Wynton Styles
Lia Venegas


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

Image Name Time Note
Cyndeous debut
Skorporos Pyrus, Aquos, Ventus


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