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Brakken is a character that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet.




Brakken "The King of Brakistan" has been a fan of the Awesome Brawlers since they first gained internet fame. He has a mad crush on Lia and looks for ever opportunity to try and marry her. Being a King he thinks he’s one of the best Brawlers in the world, after a few massively embarrassing failures he’s determined to train hard and beat Dan and the others so he can win Lia’s heart. He’s got a whole kingdom behind him to achieve his pursuit.


Brakken's personality is a typical bratty king. He is very boastful, snobbish and prideful. However he was redeemed after he was defeated by Lia and later became humble.


Bakugan: Battle Planet

Bakugan: Armored Alliance



Bakugan Battle Planet

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Dan Kouzo 57 Lose
Lia Venegas 58 Lose



  • Before Brakken redeemed himself, his personality and traits were very simliar to that of China Riot's:
    • Both are very rich and wealthy.
    • Both are bratty, snobbish and narcissistic.
    • Both own a Ventus Bakugan.
    • Both have waitresses/slaves to give them what they want.
    • Despite all this, unlike China, Brakken is no longer arrogant or priggish.