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The Book of BakuTech Bakugan (爆丸 爆TECHの書, Bakugan BakuTECH no Kaki?) is a Mook (Magazine Book) published by CoroCoro Comics in February 2011 in Japan.

Cover Page of "The Book of Bakugan BakuTech"

The Mook contains in-depth guide about the earlier releases of the BakuTech series, catalog for other Bakugan products and a special manga chapter from the BakuTech manga series. 

The Mook also comes with Furoku (Magazine freebies) such as custom stickers for Flare Dragaon, Destroy Munikis, Kilan Leoness, and Van Falco; a custom fold-up display box or card station called "Battle Deck Stand", a special Green Ability Card and a fold-up Poster.

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