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Bombaplode (ボンバープロード?) is a BakuNano that belongs to Infinity Helios. Its Bakugan Dimensions move is Missile Lock.


Bombaplode is a multi-barreled launcher worn on the back of its Bakugan.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

It was used in Unlocking the Gate by Infinity Helios when Spectra Phantom came to help the Brawlers on Gundalia against many Chaos Bakugan.

It appeared again in The Final Takedown, where it helped Infinity Helios fight the Razen Titan clones and Chaos Bakugan.


The Gold version has 80 Gs. The Copper version has 80 Gs. The Silver version has 70 Gs and 80 Gs. It can also be found in a Mechtogan Extension Pack with a Pyrus Taylean, a Gold Sonicanon and a Pyrus Zenthon.


  • It is the only BakuNano seen to overpower multiple Mechtogan.
  • It is the only BakuNano that has the same G-Power in all three attributes.
  • Bombaplode is the only BakuNano whose real life counterpart looks nothing like the actual weapon it is meant to portray.
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