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Bolcanon (ボルカノン, Borukanon?) was a BakuBlitz Bakugan from Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. His BakuNano was Hyper Pulsor. He was one of Anubias' three Bakugan but was also used by Ben and Robin of Team Anubias.


The fast-shooting action of his enormous claws is unique to Bolcanon. The terrifying spikes that rest on his shoulders cause devastating damage to his opponents. Bolcanon's mouth opens wide to shoot out hot lightning magma that his enemies fear.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[]

In Interspace Showdown, he battled Titanium Dragonoid and Dan Kuso with Ben. He used his powers to attack Drago and was doging him most of the fight Bolcanon actually proved to be quite a match for Drago with his swiftness. Horridan later joined the fight and the two of them used their powers to give Drago a hard time in a underground suwer. He later lost alongside Horridian after Dan used Drago's ability Dragon Hard Striker. Drago's powers almost destroyed Interspace.

In Agony of Defeat, he battled Zenthon alongside Krakenoid where he used Pummel Bouler on the Robot , but was defeated easily by the robots blasts.

In A Royale Pain, Bolcanon appears as a participant in the Battle Royale under Robin's ownership where he used his BakuNano, Hyper Pulsor, for the first time. He briefly battled against Krowll before Taylean interfered. He and Krowll then team up on Taylean and have him down for the count. But when Taylean spawns Silent Strike, the tables turn. He and Krowll try to attack him with their BakuNanos, but are easily defeated by the Mechtogan's lasers.

In Mind Search, Robin used it in the Flag Match with Hyper Pulsor. It was later defeated, when it was shot by Krakenoid's Jamsaber by accident.

In Triple Threat, Robin used Bolcanon in a Tag Team tagging with Horridan against Infinity Trister and Taylean. During the fight both him and Horrdian used their Bakunano's giving them the advantage. Taylean used black ride thunder and defeated Bolcanon, even when he was using Hyper Pulsor.

In Interspace Under Siege, Anubias gave Bolcanon to Ben in order to get rid of the invading Chaos Bakugan. However, during the battle, Anubias snapped his fingers and Bolcanon attacked Taylen, Tristar, Infinity Helios, Wolfurio and Boldron alongside Horridian and Krakenoid.

In Unfinished Business, Bolcanon fought against Titanuim Dragnoid alongside Horridian and Krakenoid. In the Beginning they all equipped themselves with their BakuNano and all attacked Drago who then equipped himself with Sonicanon. Drago doges all the attacks. Bolcanon then uses his Bakunanu to slam Drago to the ground hard while his teammates cause Drago damage. Drago uses Dragon Force Striker and stuns him, Horridian and Krakeniod in place thus causing Hyper Polsar to be broken, this causes Anubias to yell at his Bakugan to attack. He then uses his claws to attack Drago who used Titanum Hymer and gets kicked by him. Drago then used Thor buster causing an explosion which takes him out of the battle.

After Anubias's downfall, Mag Mel continued to use Bolcanon. In Interspace Armageddon, Bolcanon battled Infinity Trister, Infinity Helios, Taylean, Wolfurio, Boulderon, Titanium Dragonoid, Pyrus, Aquos, Ventus, and Subterra Ziperators Haos Spidaro, Darkus Clawsaurus and Silent Strike alongside Horridan, Krakenoid, Spyron, Krowll, Vertexx, Smasheon, Deezall, Venexus, Venexus Titan Braxion, Miserak, Rockfist and an army of Flash Ingrams, Iron Draganoids, Dreadeon clones and Cyclone Percivals. In the battle, Ventuss Ziperator used Ome core freezing him in place. Pryus Ziperator then finished him off using Tettra blaster while the Aquas and Subterra Ziperators took down Vertexx. He somehow repapered and got beaten by Mutant Helios. It is highly implied that after it was defeated, it stayed in ball form only to be destroyed alongside Anubias' and Sellon's Bakugan and Mechtogan.

Ability Cards
  • Pummel Bouler
  • Curler Warrior (Harlow Warrior/Karlaf Warrior/Nega Warrior)
  • Death Metal Army (Only with Krakenoid and Horridian)

Bolcanon's Victory Scream on Dimensions.

Physical Game[]

The Aquos version has 800 Gs. The Pyrus version has 900 Gs, the Darkus version in the BakuTrinity has 820 Gs, and the Haos version has 750 Gs and 860 Gs. The Ventus Combat version has 870 Gs. The Subterra version has 780 Gs, 930 Gs or 940 Gs. It is compatible with BakuNano. The Pyrus McDonald's version has 950 Gs.


  • He has similarities to other Bakugan. For example, his hands look similar to Fear Ripper and his head is similar to Scaboid's.
  • He resembles Punk from Megaman Battle Network.
  • Bolcanon is one of the heaviest Bakugan.
  • Bolcanon's abilities are named after terms related to the sport Curling, such as bouler and curler.
  • Anubias never used Bolcanon's abilities when he used him in battle.