• Veronicatwin2

    Hi, today we are going to learn more about Dan's Bakugan

    Dan is the primary Bakugan of Dan Kouzo and was found at the site of The Great Collision. You can already tell by his name and design that he has a type of Dragon. He also is the greatest ally in the fight between good and evil, Maximus; Also Dragonoid's Super Evolution He was the first to face a creature Tiko head-on! He was the first Bakugan to wake up from the Great Collision. He was truly the bravest and the strongest out of all the Bakugan in the world, too. He fights with Dan's support and help, and fights anything that gets in the way of true victory.

    Cyndeous is the secondary Bakugan of Dan Kouzo and had joined Dan from Marco after Taking no more of any cowardly battle. You can t…

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  • Veronicatwin2

    Hi, today we are going to talk about Bakugan Evolution.

    Bakugan Evolution is a process in which a Bakugan upgrades its design, power, and moves. There are two types of Bakugan Evolution; Regular and Super.

    Regular Evolution releases an aura that emits strength and health. Its power gets raised depending on how much damage it took before it evolved. But beware, if a Bakugan were to take a high amount of damage before it evolved; the Bakugan takes sudden damage in the middle of the evolution.

    Super Evolution releases an even stronger aura that emits strength and health. Just like Regular Evolution; it gets its power raised depending on how much damage it took before it evolved. Also it upgrades design, power, moves, and health even more than Re…

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  • Moviejunkie2009

    New Year's Eve 2019

    December 31, 2019 by Moviejunkie2009

    Today not only a year but a full decade comes to an end. Ten years ago Bakugan Wiki grew very fast due to it being a new wiki and because it also was about an active franchise. Today Bakugan Wiki has regained some of its former activity thanks to Bakugan Battle Planet, but it's no longer a new wiki. As well due to dissatifaction with FANDOM's actions several users moved to an independent fork of this wiki. In September of this year this wiki was left without active administation, after the retirement of the only active bureaucrat of that time. Just eighteen days ago, I've decided to jump in to help this wiki after being encouraged by a staff member of FANDOM. Now on the last day of this decade, I think it might be great if there is a strea…

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  • Veronicatwin2

    Hello, today we're gonna learn about Bakugan battles and how they work. ___________________________________________________________________________________

    When rolling out Bakugan in a battle; each Bakugan starts off with 600 Baku-health. Health goes up when attached to a BakuCore, and goes down when moves are unleashed. But if you choose a BakuCore that doesn't match the color of your Bakugan; It quickly takes damage and goes back into Baku-Ball form. If a normal BakuCore (one that doesn't evolve Bakugan) of the right color hits your Bakugan; their Baku-health goes up by 250.

    Sometimes in a Bakugan battle; you see a clash between moves. When a clash between moves happens, Depending on the Bakugan's strength; they could win. If a Bakugan wins …

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  • Veronicatwin2

    Hi, today we will talk about Bakugan Attributes. __________________________________________________________________________________

    Pyrus/Fire Pyrus has the power of Fire, Lava, Magma, Smoke. Some moves: Twisting Inferno, Flash Flame, Pyrus Laser, Magma Blast, etc.

    Ventus/Wind Ventus has the power of wind. Some moves: Sonic Uproar, Grand Riser, Crystal Rock Riser, etc.

    Aquos/Water Aquos has the power of water and ice. Some moves: Flash Flood, Aquos Blast, Aquos Smash, Mysterious Mist, etc.

    Haos/Light Has the power of light and healing. Some moves: Energy Draw, Haos Laser, Haos Blast, Revitalize, etc.

    Darkus/Dark Has the power of darkness and thunder. Some moves: Thunderbolt, Darkus Blast, Prismatic Bolt, Darkus Laser, etc.

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