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I'm not a goody two shoes like you, Dan! I like to fight dirty, got it!?
For the Bakugan Dimensions NPC, see Ben (NPC).

Ben (Japanese version: Diago Lorenz (ディアゴ・ローレンツ, Diago rōrentsu?)) is a character in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. He is a member of Team Anubias. He battles with the Pyrus attribute and his Guardian Bakugan was Pyrus Bolcanon, which was given to him by Anubias. His newest Guardian Bakugan is Pyrus Ziperator.



Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

In Interspace Showdown, he fights against Dan and loses. He is also revealed to be part of Team Anubias. He used Pyrus Bolcanon and Darkus Horridian.

In Mechtogan Mayhem, he watched the battle between Jack and Marucho and later of Anubias and Sellon with Zenthon.

In Agony of Defeat, he battled with Robin against Zenthon, but lost.

In A Royale Pain, Bolcanon appears as a participant in a Battle Royale, so it was assumed that Ben would use him but Robin used him instead.

In Mind Search, Ben participated in the Capture the Flag challenge with Horridian. He tried to attack the Brawlers but was ultimately defeated.

In True Colours, he is horrified because Anubias shows his true form, knowing that Anubias is working for Mag Mel. Ben is really upset because of his leader's treachery.

In Behind the Mask, Ben, along with Jack and Robin, used their Ziperators to help Noah to battle the Chaos Bakugan. Robin with the rest of Team Anubias then help to defend Dan and Drago.



Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge


  • Ben is one of the few anime characters who battles with a Bakugan that is different from what he wears. Bolcanon and Ziperator are Pyrus Bakugan but Ben's clothing is similar to a Subterra Brawler.
  • He resembles Bryan Kuznetsov from Beyblade.
  • For some reason, Ben rarely uses Bolcanon, since Robin has used him more. Ben only used Bolcanon in episode 1, episode 6 and episode 15, while Robin used him in episode 10, episode 12 and episode 14. Then again, it may be since Ben hasn't battled often and in episode 12 he used Horridian instead.
  • He looks and sounds a bit like Sid Arkale from Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. They even have the same Japanese voice actor.



Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

Opponent Episode Outcome
Dan Kuso 1 Lose
Zenthon (Tag with Robin) 6 Lose
Marucho Marukura, Rafe, and Paige (Tag with Robin and Jack) 12 No Outcome
Unknown Brawlers (Tag with Robin) 12 Win
Marucho Marukura (Tag with Robin and Jack) 12 Lose
Chaos Bakugan Army (Tag with Robin, Jack, Noah, Chris, and Soon) 23 No Outcome
Chaos Bakugan Army (Tag with Battle Brawlers, Robin, Jack, Noah, Chris, and Soon) 24 Win
Razen Titan Army (Tag with Battle Brawlers, Robin, Jack, Noah, Chris, and Soon) 25-26 Win
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