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Beamblitzer (Japanese version: Alva (アルヴァ, Aruva?)) is a Bakugan Battle Gear and one of the pieces of Dragonoid Colossus.



Beamblitzer is a Bakugan Battle Gear that forms part of Dragonoid Colossus’ powerful weaponry. It can blast beams of energy at its target with pinpoint accuracy.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

In episode 30, it was used by Dragonoid Colossus along with Nukix Gear, Axator Gear, and Blasteroid to break through the palace at Gundalia.


Element: G-Power(s):
Goldyp Gold: 120 Gs
Silvera Silver: N/A
Coppery Copper: N/A
Reference Cards
  • Pyrus: Once during this battle, after a coin is flipped turn it over.
  • Ventus: All Ability Cards your enemy plays during this battle are removed from the game.


  • Beamblitzer has the highest G Power of all the Battle Gear for Dragonoid Colossus, and is tied with Razoid, Vicer, and Gigarth for the most powerful Battle Gear in the game.
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