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Battle Unit Mode is a Bakugan Combination that consists of Viper Helios and Metalfencer.

This combination was first used in Show Me the Power! by Spectra Phantom. Helios and Metalfencer won easily. In the following episode, Gone, Gone Bakugan, Dan demanded a rematch. Spectra accepts this to test Drago's power, but brings out Helios to test if Apollonir is worthy of fighting Vexos Dragonoid. Apollonir lectures Spectra on true Bakugan spirit, but Spectra believes that power is the only way to win and brings out his Bakugan Trap Metalfencer. However, Apollonir easily takes them both down in one hit.

Physical Game

While there is no way to combine Viper Helios and Metalfencer, Cyborg Helios can combine with Metalfencer for a pseudo-Battle Unit Mode. There is no real point for doing so, except for display or to take up less space on the battle field.


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