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Battalix Dragonoid (Japanese version Legend Dragonoid (レジェンド・ドラゴノイド, Rejendo Doragonoido?)) is a variation of Dragonoid.


Battalix Dragonoid is a master of flight and it comes as no surprise that he is an ace when he transforms to become part of Dragonoid Colossus.

Physical Game

It has 770 Gs in every set of Dragonoid Colossus.


  • Battalix Dragonoid's name sounds like Battle, similar to Brawlacus Dharak sounding similar to Brawl.
  • It has the same losing and victory pose as Helix Dragonoid on Bakugan Dimensions.
  • In Bakugan form, it looks like Helix Dragonoid with slightly altered colors, extra armor, and longer horns.
  • Battalix Dragonoid is more accurate to the show in ball form than the actual Blitz Dragonoid in the game.
  • On Bakugan Dimensions, some DNA Codes unlock DNA Fragments for Battalix Dragonoid in Attributes other than Pyrus, even though it wasn't released in any other Attributes.