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Barri Beyond (羅(バリ)ビヨンド, Bari Biyondo?) is a spider-like Japanese original Bakugan from the BakuTech series.

Official Description

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BakuTech! Bakugan

Barri Beyond is Taran's Guardian Bakugan.

Physical Game

Barri Beyond is equipped with an elastic belt made of silicone rubber called Silicone Barrier, which enables the Bakugan to 'rebound' opponent's Bakugan and allow Double Stand behind it.

Pentagon Parameter

  • Attack: ?
  • Defence: ?
  • Occupy: ?
  • Control: ?
  • Stand: ?
  • Total: ?

Gate Card(s)

Ability Card(s)

Fusion Ability Card(s)


The Kanji in the Japanese name of Barri Beyond, (On: ra/Kun: ami), means net. "Barri" is derived from the word 'barrier' while "Beyond" is derived from the Silicone Barrier set beyond the Bakugan's body and the onomatopoeia for bounce, 'biyon'.


  • Barri Beyond was once named Web Spider (網蜘(アミクモ), Amikumo?) tentatively.[1][2]


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