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Barodius' father was the former Gundalian Emperor who was succeeded by his son shortly after his death.


Like his subject and adviser, Nurzak and unlike his power-crazed son, Barodius, he feared the Sacred Orb, believing its powers to be far too dangerous and that it would wreak havoc on every world. From what is indicated during Nurzak and Barodius' conversation, Barodius' father was a kind and caring ruler towards his people, and not a power-crazed tyrant like Barodius. Though he fears the power of the Sacred Orb, Barodius claimed his father was not a coward despite of calling him a "superstitious old fool".



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

In Divide and Conquer, a portrait of him is destroyed during the battle between Nurzak and Barodius. Barodius doesn't care, laughing upon finding out about its destruction. Barodius held disdain towards his fear of the Sacred Orb's powers, calling him a "superstitious old fool" for it.

Barodius mentioned him in Dragonoid Colossus when he thought: "My father may have been a superstitious old fool, but he was no coward. If Linehalt and his people didn't possess the forbidden power, he wouldn't have gone to such great lengths to keep them hidden away in the darkness."


  • He was most likely a user of the Darkus attribute if any, because most Gundalians commonly wear clothing that complements their Guardian Bakugan's attribute.