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Barbetra is a Ventus hornet-like Bakugan appearing in Bakugan: Armored Alliance. She is China Riot's new and Guardian Bakugan. A male Haos Barbetra named Buzz is owned by Oliver



Barbetra is the reserved queen bee Bakugan. While it takes a moment for her to find her footing in battle, Barbetra quickly shines as the strong, noble, and fierce queen fit to defend a true princess.


Barbetra is a large bug-like Bakugan that resembles a hornet. It has a feature on its abdomen that appears to be able to fire energy blasts, or crystallize into a blade. Her Baku-Gear is Sonic Swarming.


Bakugan: Armored Alliance

Barbetra was founded by China's butler that is inside a tree.


At first, Barbetra was a crybaby, until China Riot used her tough love to toughen her up. After that, she become more confident and proud to become China's partner.

Physical Game

Ability Cards

  • Toxic Barb:



  • Barbetra is China's second Guardian Bakugan.
  • Barbetra was originally known by the code name "Queen Bee".
  • Third bee-like Bakugan after Bee Striker & Buz Hornix.
  • In the Armored Alliance anime, during some Barbetra's attacks, a crown made of light appears on her forehead, referencing her "Queen Bee" title.