The Warning Policy sets the guidelines for when to use warnings, how to warn, and the consequences for not heeding the warnings.

General Information

  • Warnings should be used before a block. If there is someone who is extremely misbehaving, then you can block the user without warning.
  • Warnings MUST have a legitimate cause, and should be backed up by one of the Policies.
  • Warnings cannot be removed from Message Walls or archived Talk Pages, and can only be moved when a Talk Page is archived.

When to Warn Somebody

If somebody is breaking a Policy, then initially, a warning will be given by an Administrator or Bureaucrat.

How to Warn Somebody

Warnings must tell the user what he has done wrong, what he's supposed to do, and not to repeat what he has been doing wrong. Rude language should not be used.

If a Warning is Ignored

If a warning is removed by the user in question, the user will be blocked for 1 month, no warning needed. Also, all users get 2 warnings before being blocked, and if they must be warned again, it is a block, with the exception of a person who is seriously misbehaving on the Wiki, who can be blocked immediately.

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