Bakugan Ultra is a special variant of Bakugan introduced in the Bakugan Battle Planet toyline. They are larger and more detailed Bakugan that resemble their Bakugan form in the anime.



Bakugan Ultra Bakugan are the same size as normal Bakugan from the Battle Planet toyline, but they are designed to resemble their Bakugan Form, similar to BakuMorphs. Most of the ball forms of Bakugan in the anime are their Ultra versions.

Unlike normal Bakugan, which simply open when they land on a BakuCore, Bakugan Ultra pick up the BakuCore as they roll over it, then leap open and flip over the BakuCore, similar to Turning Mecard. As such, the magnets on Ultras are not on the base of the ball & are instead in other places such as in the head or the tail.




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