Several Companies worldwide have released licensed Novelty items and Stationery bearing Bakugan motifs. Below are the list of companies that have official license approval from Sega Toys, Spinmaster and Nelvana to release Bakugan-related goods.

North America

Basic Fun and Jazzwares Incorporated have released several Bakugan office supplies under the Battle Brawlers Arc (Season 1).

Cartoon Network has also produced several Bakugan items ranging from bed sheets, costumes and party favors besides stationery.


Showa Note [ショウワノート], a Japanese Stationery company, has released several Bakugan office supplies under the New Vestroia Arc (Season 2).


Giochi Preziosi (Italian Company) in partnership withGrani & Partners (Hong Kong) have released several stationery sets and tin boxes themed on the Battle Brawlers and New Vestroia Arc.

Other Countries

In the Philippines, Jollibee Foods Corporation has released Bakugan-themed stationery as part of their Jollibee Kids Meal promotion for January 2012. Merit Paper Products had also released notebooks themed on the Battle Brawlers.


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