The Bakugan Official Battle Field W Super DX Set (BTC-30) is a Deluxe Bakugan set inclusive of the following items:

  • Reversible Battle Field "W" with new Hyper Rope and Card Station set-up (different from BOT-01b)
  • Aquos Killer Volca
  • Subterra Zak Jaguard
  • Translucent Pyrus Gren Dragaon with Gold Metal Crosses (Gren Dragaon C)
  • One random New Vestroia starter kit/Japanese Triad Pack (BST-14 or BST-15 selected in random)
  • Three BakuTech Metal Gate Cards + 3 New Vestroia Gate Cards
  • Six BakuTech Ability Cards + 3 New Vestroia Ability Cards
  • Play Manual for Killer Volca, Zak Jaguard and Gren Dragaon C.
  • BakuTech Rule DVD.


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