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Dan with his Shooter

Dan with a Bakugan Shooter

Bakugan Launchers are the predecessor of the Gauntlet, and were used in the first season. It is a way to throw Bakugan more accurately than by hand. Masquerade gave Bakugan Launchers to the brainwashed Top Ten, while Marucho Marukura developed his own version for the Battle Brawlers.


Battle Brawlers[]

Doom Beings[]


  • In the English Dub, the launchers are called shooters.
  • Every launcher seen is only used on the right arm.
  • In A Combination Battle, Kenta and Kenji's launchers have their Bakugan placed on top of the cover as slots instead of being inserted inside like everyone else.
  • In A Little Help from my Friends, Shun didn't use his launcher when battling Komba again since he handed to Dan. Because of this Shun only used his once while everyone else used their's twice or more. It should be noted that Shun seems to prefer throwing more over using a launcher.
  • Masquerade has worn and used his launcher the most of anyone throughout Season 1. He used it from Masquerade Ball until removing it in Behind the Mask of Masquerade.
    • Despite already being in the Doom Dimension, Masquerade still used his launcher.