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Bakugan Idol is the seventh episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It aired on May 17, 2007, in Japan and September 10th, 2007 in North America.


When Marucho reveals that he has moved to Dan and Runo's town, they all attend his house warming party. When there, Marucho encounters the Aquos Bakugan Preyas, who also decided to participate in the party. Meanwhile, Masquerade recruits two pop idols named Jenny and Jewls, who challenge Dan and Marucho to a battle. Dan and Marucho both agree to battle them, with Marucho teaming up with his new partner Preyas.

Major events

  • A Bakugan named Preyas comes to Earth.
  • Marucho's family moves to Wardington.
  • Pop idols Jenny and Jewls begin working for Masquerade.
  • Preyas joins Marucho's team.
  • Dan and Runo attend Marucho's housewarming party.
  • Jenny and Jewls crash Marucho's party and challenge Dan and Marucho to a battle.
  • Marucho reveals wrist-mounted Bakugan launchers for himself and Dan, while Runo is also promised one.

Featured Brawls

Battle at Marucho's Mansion

Dan, Jenny, Marucho, and Jewls all activate the Bakugan field as reality slows to a halt.

Round 1

  • Dan's Bakugan Remaining (BR): 3/3
  • Jenny's Bakugan Remaining (BR): 3/3
  • Marucho's Bakugan Remaining (BR): 3/3
  • Jewls' Bakugan Remaining (BR): 3/3

Jenny and Jewls both set their Doom Cards onto the field.

Dan throws out his Gate Card in front of Jewls.

Jenny throws out her Gate Card in front of Marucho.

Marucho throws out his Gate Card in front of Jenny.

Jewls throws out her Gate Card in front of Dan.

Jewls throws out Subterra Stinglash onto her own Gate Card. (Power: 290 Gs)

Marucho throws out Aquos Preyas against Stinglash. (Power: 300 Gs)

Jewls opens her Gate Card (Subterra Normal: +150 Gs). (Stinglash: 440 Gs - Preyas: 300 Gs)

Preyas activates Change of Attribute to change his attribute from Aquos to Subterra. (Subterra Preyas: 450 Gs - Stinglash: 440 Gs). Stinglash gets wiped out by Preyas' kneeing-to-the-head attack and returns to Jewls in ball form. Preyas returns to Marucho in ball form. Jewls' first Gate Card vanishes.

Jewls' Bakugan Remaining: 2/3

Marucho wins this round.


Character Debuts

Bakugan Seen

Version Differences

  • In the English version, while the JJ Dolls look for Masquerade, he said to look right and left to see him, but in the Japanese version, the scene was pushing to the right, meaning that Masquerade is more serious in this version. The Japanese DVD release follows the edit made in the English dub, though the lines did not change.


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