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Bakugan Dojo Break-up! (爆丸道場分裂!, Bakugan Dojo Bunretsu!?) is the 26th episode of BakuTech! Bakugan. It aired on September 29, 2012.


The episode opens in the Grif Zaibatsu's facility wherein the Grif brothers have been training very hard with their newly evolved Guardian Bakugan. Shield Leoness and Tri Falco both showed their superior power by destroying digital copies of Rise Dragaon and Hollow Munikis. Koh noticeably had his hair dyed blonde.

The scene shifts to the Bakugan Dojo where Harubaru, Raichi and Tatsuma were chatting when three Gate Cards were set in the floor and three Bakugan rolled to pop out. It's the Shadow Sanjushi whom they didn't saw for quite a long time. Tohga and Karashina's Bakugan noticeably gained Metal Parts as well. The Bakugan Dojo trio welcomed the Shadow Sanjushi with the former admitting that though their training with Master Jyou is paying off, they are definitely missing their Master Shimo.

Just as when all six boys were chatting about what events had transpired for each other, Master Jyou appeared and commanded them to do the Stiff Cactus. Master Jyou asked the Shadow Sanjushi how their training with Master Shimo went and the ninja trio showed off their very own Sechs Tavanel which means that they are going to compete for the Tavanel Cup. As Harubaru was showing off the Fire Metal Cross on his Sechs Tavanel to the Shadow Sanjushi, a voice was heard from outside. It was the Grif Brothers.

The Shadow Sanjushi were about to take the challenge from the Grif Brothers when Koh's voice caused all three to get knocked down. Harubaru immediately noticed Koh Grif's blonde hair which is different from the old blue one but thinks that it suits him well. Koh reiterated that they did not come for compliments but rather a serious brawl. Master Shimo appeared as the Grif Brothers challenged the Bakugan Dojo trio.

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Bakugan Bakutech episode 26

Bakugan Bakutech episode 26

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