Bakugan Display Case (also known as Bakugan Display Hex) is a hexagonal-shaped shelf especially made to display Bakugan or other magnet-triggered morphing marble toys.

Each display case can securely hold with the clay magnets that are attached in the flooring of every level. There are three levels in all. The top and bottom levels can hold three Bakugan and the middle one can hold four for up to ten Bakugan in all.

The Display Case has been released under the Battle Brawlers, New Vestroia, and Gundalian Invaders Toy Lines in five different colors: red, blue, black, white, and green. The product always comes with one Bakugan depending on which product line it was released in. In Japan, it was released under the catalog number of BOT-10a and it always comes with a Haos Neo Dragonoid.

The Display Cases can also be interconnected using clips. Mounting slots at the back allows the display case to be mounted on to walls.


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