Bakugan Dimensions Damage Measurements were how Damage dealt to an opponent could be calculated on Bakugan Dimensions.

Weak Damage

Weak Damage is 1/2 of your basic attack. If it is a stat-based weak attack the Damage is the amount of the stat.

  • (ex. Weak Agility attack = [amount of Agility])
    Basic attack

    The Basic Attack, which is a key factor in determining damage.

Light Damage

Light Damage is the damage of your basic attack. If it is a stat based light attack the amount of damage is Weak Damage + amount of stat.

  • (ex. Light Willpower attack = Weak Damage + [amount of Willpower])

Heavy Damage

Heavy Damage is your basic attack + 1/2 of your basic attack. If it is a stat based attack it does the damage of your basic attack + the amount of stat.

  • (ex. Heavy Strength attack = Light Damage + [Amount of Strength])

Mega Damage

A Mega Damage attack is your Basic Attack + Weak Attack + Amount of Strength.

  • (ex. Mega Damage = Light Damage + Weak Damage + [Amount of Strength])

Mega Damage is usually only available in Subterra Fighting Styles. However, many other attacks like Burning Revenge and Typhoon Strike can reach Mega Damage under certain circumstances.


Uncontrolled Explosion, the only Attack to mention Devastating Damage.

Devastating Damage

Devastating Damage was a Damage measurement that was never physically introduced, however it was mentioned in the description for Uncontrolled Explosion. It can be assumed that this level of Damage was meant to be the largest amount possible in the game, though how much exactly was never specified.

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