Bakugan Die are accessories to certain Super Assault and Special Attack Bakugan.

Attribute Dice

An Attribute Dice is a dice with the six attributes of Vestroia. Depending on which attribute is rolled, the Bakugan receives a certain attribute. Mystic Elico has a die that has attributes or G-Power. Merlix also has a G-power die, but only in the TV show. In the Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders commercial, it shows Merlix with an Attribute and G-Power Dice.

G-Power Dice

A G-Power Dice is a dice that some Bakugan throw to determine their G-Power. Bakugan with a G-Power Die are Mystic Elico, Chance Dragonoid, Merlix, and Mystic Chancer. In one of the Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders commercials, it showed Merlix with a dice with Attributes and G-Power.

List of Bakugan that come with a Die


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