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Julie and Billy battling in the Bakugan Canyon

Bakugan Canyon (Japanese: Bakugan Valley) is a canyon located in Australia (America in the Japanese version), where Billy Gilbert found Cycloid. It's stated that both Julie Makimoto and Billy himself used to live somewhere near this valley, before the former moved to Bayview with Dan Kuso. According to Julie, the canyon was nicknamed that because many Bakugan could be found there, making it a popular place for players to find new creatures, with the majority of them being of the Subterra attribute.

Later on, the Battle Brawlers visit the Bakugan Valley on Gorem's suggestion, hoping that the Infinity Core was located there. Although the journey turns out to be mostly fruitless, they manage to find a den that contained some of the Infinity Core's energy, allowing the group to experience a brief vision of the current state of Vestroia.


Bakugan Canyon is very rocky and mountainous, due to this Subterra Bakugan could be found there. The color of the dirt in Bakugan Canyon is a reddish orange.

Due to its rough terrain and hostile creatures, Bakugan Canyon is a rather dangerous place to visit. When Julie tried to look for a Guardian Bakugan, there were scorpions, bats and other obstacles.


  • It's real world location is unknown, as Julie is stated as being from America in the Japanese version, and from Australia in the English one. Judging by it's appearance, it could both have been inspired by Arizona's Grand Canyon, or by the Uluru, located in Australia.