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Bakugan Battle Suit (爆丸バトルスーツ, Bakugan batorusūtsu?) is a product in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It is like a Bakugan Mobile Assault.


Load and explode into action with Bakugan Battle Suits! Transform your Bakugan into the strongest and fiercest Bakugan ever to dominate in battle! Drop your Bakugan into the Battle Suit and trigger the massive fully-armoring transformation!


Unlike Bakugan Battle Gear, the Bakugan are attached to them, making it compatible to any Bakugan. When a Bakugan is placed on an closed Battle Suit, the Battle Suit opens up. Also, they have an Attribute that must match the Bakugan using the Battle Suit. Similarly to Mechtogan/Mechtogan Titan, only one Battle Suit may be used per game, as well as your two other support pieces (Bakugan Trap/Bakugan Mobile Assault/Bakugan Battle Gear) They each come with a Reference Card listing it's special ability.

To play Battle suit, you must use it with a Bakugan of the same Attribute in battle, alongside which you must also play the relevant reference card.

List of Battle Suits[]