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Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia (爆丸バトルブローラーズ ニューヴェストロイア, Bakugan Batoru Burōrāzu Nyū Vu~esutoroia?) is the second season of the anime series Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It introduced a new battle system, including Bakugan Traps. This season contains fifty-two episodes, and was later followed by a thirty-nine episode third season Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders.


Following the short return of peace on New Vestroia, calamity strikes them again. An alien race known as the Vestals have invaded and conquered New Vestroia, creating three Dimension Controllers to change the Bakugan them back into ball form and using the Bakugan as a form of entertainment.

On top of that, five of the original Bakugan that helped restore order to New Vestroia have been captured, and Drago is now being targeted. With the help of Dan, Marucho, Shun, and the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance;a group of Vestals who have discovered that Bakugan are sentient and are fighting for their freedom; Drago believes he will have enough power to not only release New Vestroia, but his dearest friends as well.


Bakugan for New Vestroia are BakuNeon (Set E), BakuBronze (Set F), BakuGlow (Set G), BakuSteel (Set H), Set I, and Set J.



New Battle System

(This system is reused in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders and Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.)

  • The Life Gauge starts with 500 Life Points. It will decrease when your Bakugan loses battles (e.g. damage is 350 Gs, 500-350=150). When a player's Life Gauge hits zero, that said player loses.
    • In Tag Battles, players with zero Life Points cannot participate anymore.
  • Unlike the original version, defeated Bakugan can be returned to battle in the next round.
  • Only one Gate Card is set at a time, or not at all. There is no limit to how many Bakugan can stand on one card.
  • If the winning Bakugan's G-Power is 500 or more than the losing Bakugan, that said Bakugan will go to the winner. (There have been times this rule wasn't enforced, however.) It is likely that the winning brawler decides whether the Bakugan is taken or not.
  • You're allowed as many abilities as you want. The general rule is that each card can only used once per round, though there have been some exceptions.
  • The Brawlers need a Gauntlet to start each battle. The phrase to begin is: "Gauntlet, Power Strike!"


Theme Songs

  • This Is Bakugan - Daniel Leblanc and Creighton Doane
  • This Is Bakugan (Instrumental Version) - Ending
Japanese Opening Theme
  1. Chō! Saikyō! Warriors - Psychic Lover
Japanese Ending Themes
  1. BANG! BANG! BAKUGAN - by Yoshifumi Ushima (1-13, 52)
  2. Communication Breakdown - by Crush Tears (14-51)



Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance

BK WPS2 Heroes 800x600

The Resistance


V from Vexos

The original Vexos members

  • Zenoheld Pyrus: The Corrupt King of the Vestals and Prince Hydron's estrange father; he aims to rule the Bakugan. As the Resistance continues foiling his plans, his revenge becomes severely more extreme and not in a good manner. In the second arc of New Vestroia, after the Vexos had been driven out of Vestal thanks to Mira and her friends, Zenoheld becomes the group's Pyrus brawler and a ruthless one at that, and vows to get revenge against the resistance by killing every living being, starting with a Termination System, then a deadly alternative warship.
  • Hydron Subterra: One of the pivotal leaders of the Vexos who possesses the statues of the petrified Brawling Bakugan: Runo's Tigrerra, Julie's Gorem, Marucho's Preyas, Shun's Skyress, and Alice's Hydranoid, and he is currently setting off to complete his collection by getting his hands on Dan's partner Bakugan, Drago. After being lectured badly by Zenoheld between the first and second arcs, Hydron has become the Vexos' Subterra brawler after Gus left with Spectra to follow their own path. In order to redeem himself in the eyes of his father, he chose to support him until Mylene's demise as well as Shadow's demise at the hands of the Resistance as well as being beaten by his machinery as punishment for his incompetence. He even tried to overthrow his own father, but backfired. After being disowned by Zenoheld for his treachery, he was thrown into a cell where Gus is, and thankfully both of them escaped and helped the resistance end Zenoheld's reign of terror. After the destruction of the alternative warship, Hydron was presumed dead and his whereabouts are currently unknown. He has a habit of twirling a little piece of his hair.
  • Spectra Phantom Pyrus: Spectra is part of the evil Vexos organization and one of the pivotal leaders in the first arc. He is mysterious and wears a mask, battling with the Pyrus attribute. Despite Hydron's instructions to bring him Drago, Spectra seems to have plans of his own for Drago and all Bakugan, and is obsessed with making the ultimate Bakugan. He is suspicious and it seems as if he is going to betray Prince Hydron and the Vexos shown in the episode Return of a Friend. In Unmasked, Mira's suspicions of Spectra prove to be true when he removes his mask and is, in fact, Mira's missing brother, Keith. In Brotherly Love, Spectra reveals his plans on enslaving both New Vestroia and Vestal for his dangerous and nefarious desires, while Viper Helios gets upgraded to Cyborg Helios. In Final Countdown, the Vexos ditched him upon finding him out his true motives and set the palace on self destruct mode. He managed to escape with the help of Gus Grav. In Spectra Rises, Cyborg Helios was upgraded and horribly evolved to Helios MK2. He now is working to take the Perfect Core energy from Drago and take over all of Vestal as well as all of New Vestroia and its Bakugan. Spectra temporarily joined with the Brawlers after Gus' disappearance to stop Zenoheld's BT sistem as that would lead to Helios not being an ultimate Bakugan. After losing one more battle against Dan, he joins the Bakugan Battle Brawlers as Keith Clay and becomes Spectra when he's in battle. He then joins the Bralwers to stop the Alternative Weapon System and thanks Dan for showing him the error of his ways.
  • Mylene Farrow Aquos: Strong and loyal to the Vexos and of the pivotal leaders of the Vexos, she doesn't trust Spectra entirely, and sees Hydron as a spoiled brat, and has her own agenda. She is obsessed with power and views several Bakugan with emotions as weak and useless which explains why she threw out Elico in Final Countdown. She had Macubass as a replacement considering it perfect than any Bakugan with emotion, but in Mylene's Meltdown, it ended up being slain as a result. Then in the next episode, she and Shadow used a death bomb to avoid Zenoheld's wrath and their current whereabouts and fate remain unknown.
  • Volt Luster Haos: Preferring to battle with his strength rather than justhis mind, Volt uses Haos Bakugan. However, he is much more compassionate than this compatriots and plays fair, much unlike the rest of the group. He holds a Dynamo Trap Bakugan and partners with his Haos Mega Brontes which was later thrown out in Final Countdown by Mylene for both his worthless emotions and incompetence, much to Volt's dismay. He now fights with Haos Boriates. In Volt's Revolt, he left the Vexos in order to follow his own path as well as finding Brontes who is currently evolved into Alto Brontes and it residing in New Vestroia after Gus discards when he finally accepts that Volt still cares about Brontes. After defeating Hydron in a battle, he was sent to another dimension by the arrogant prince for humiliating him. Before being sent here, Volt warns Hydron that they'll be nasty consenquences if he serves his insane and power-hungry father for too long.
  • Gus Grav Subterra: An ambitious and macho Subterra Brawler who is somewhat powerful in battle. He is very loyal to Spectra and only him and is willing to do anything for him as shown by his urging not to remove his mask as part of his deal with Mira Clay, and is helping him take the Perfect Core energy. In Spectra Rises, he evolves and upgrades Vulcan to a unique and dangerous evolution called Rex Vulcan. After learning of the Vexos' plan to betray Spectra, Gus rescued both Brontes and Elico (who were thrown out by Mylene Farrow for being useless and weak) and saves him and Helios before the Vexos Motherpalace explodes. After feeling that his master was insulted by Zenoheld, Gus let his loyalty get to him as he challenged Zenoheld to a battle to defend Spectra's honor. Elico and Hexados sacrifice themselves to protect Gus and Vulcan, while the two stand and face Zenoheld's final attack together. He is presumed dead but is later revealed to have survived his battle with Zenoheld and has been imprisoned with Vulcan since. During the battle against Zenoheld, Gus and Vulcan along with Hydron escape and helped the resistance put an end to Zenoheld's reign by destroying the Alternative. Afterwards, he returns back to Vestal with Spectra, Mira and the others.
  • Shadow Prove Darkus: Shadow is cruel, psychotic and madly merciless in battle and fights with the Darkus attribute. He often follows Mylene around. Shadow was a part of the evil Vexos organization. He uses Fortress (not to be confused with Fourtress) as a Trap Bakugan and was partnered with a Hydranoid look-a-like called Darkus Hades, who was created from Alpha Hydranoid's DNA. Later he starts brawling with Darkus MAC Spider, since Alice Gehabich and Chan Lee managed to destroy Hades. In Mylene's Meltdown, Mac Spider gets destroyed by Helios MK2. Then in the next episode after Mylene used a death bomb, both Shadow and Mylene were sucked into a portal caused by the bomb, and their current whereabouts and fate remain unknown.
  • Lync Volan Ventus: He uses Ventus Bakugan and thinks he's unbeatable. He barely even tries to hide how self-serving he is, and gloats about how he only works for himself. He used Wired as his other Bakugan and was partnered with Ventus Altair until their destruction in Gate Crashers, after which he no longer brawled until returning to Vestal. He wears a long cloak to help conceal his battle maneuvers. He then battled with Ventus Aluze, which was destroyed in Payback at the hands of Dryoid. Before being sent to a place unknown, he manages to leave behind something to help the Resistance as well as giving an apology gift to Alice for his treachery, info regarding the Alternative System.
  • Clay Fermin: Mira Fermin and Keith Fermin's father. He works in a lab in Alpha City, creating and testing on powerful Bakugan in his own image. He even went made with ambition and no longer cared about his children's welfare inlcuding his daughter's welfare, instead caught up with making strong and very perfect Bakugan. During the last episode, he realizes his mistakes and gave his life to stop the Alternative as well as making amends for his children.

Minor Characters

  • Runo Misaki Haos: The sixth-ranked brawler in the world, one of the original Battle Brawlers, and Dan's girlfriend. Her Bakugan is Blade Tigrerra.
  • Julie Makimoto Subterra: The eighth-ranked brawler in the world, a Battle Brawler, and Billy's childhood friend and love interest. Her Bakugan is Hammer Gorem.
  • Alice Gehabich Darkus: The second-ranked brawler in the world (as Masquerade) and a Battle Brawler. Her former alter-ego (or also her former counterpart), Masquerade, still exists in her mind and heart, even though he can no longer possess her like he had in the previous season. Her Bakugan is Alpha Hydranoid.
  • Klaus von Hertzon Aquos: Klaus has moved to Vestal, where he runs a successful business. He saved Ace and Percival from Mylene and Macubass, partnered once again with Aquos Sirenoid. His Bakugan is Sirenoid.
  • Chan Lee Pyrus: One of the former top-ranked brawlers, she makes an appearance to assist her old friend Alice. Her Bakugan is Fourtress.
  • Billy Gilbert Subterra: Billy is Julie's childhood friend and love interest who, for most of the season, had been travelling the world to learn other sports and occasionally sent Julie postcards. He makes a return in episode 37, where he and Julie brawl against Ace to test him. His Bakugan is Cycloid.





Main article: List of Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia Episodes

There are a total of 52 episodes in New Vestroia; although there were originally only going to be 26 episodes, the series was extended by Teletoon due to the high ratings it received on Canadian television.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Angelo/Diablo Preyas never physically appeared in Season 2 nor was mentioned by Marucho. It is entirely unknown if the writers back then forgot to feature them, as Marucho and the rest of the original Brawlers acted like they never existed. It is possible that the Brawlers just figured they were simply still in New Vestroia somewhere. Their image was also missing in the picture album of Marucho's picture in Duel in the Dunes.
  • Very rarely, Japanese anime first airs in another country before being broadcast in its original country. New Vestroia is one of those rare occurrences because the first season was somewhat a flop in Japan. Teletoon aired it first in Canada to test its popularity abroad. After seeing how successful it was worldwide, even meriting a series extension, the Bakugan anime was given another chance in Japan. By the time Japan aired the first episode, Canada had already reached the forty-second episode a few days before that.
  • This is the only season:
    • That has both main villains use a Pyrus Attributed Bakugan rather than the Darkus Attribute, like in the other seasons.
    • The last member to join the six main brawlers is their Ventus brawler instead of their Darkus brawler.
    • The main theme from the previous season is reused in the Japanese version, as well as only season having one new BGM debuted, unlike other seasons where new BGMs are played in a new season.
  • This season has a particular focus on the familial ties with the Vexos, between the Fermin family (Mira, Spectra/Keith, and their father Professor Clay) and Zenoheld and Hydron. Mira's relationship with Spectra is an important part of her character, while Hydron's relationship with his father is a large part of the second arc.
  • A lot of Preyas x Elfin scenes were removed from the English dub to save time.
  • Some characters' voices changed throughout the season in the English dub.







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